Shepherd Homeschool Co-Op

Shepherd of the Hills Christian Homeschool Co-op exists to encourage and support families who are educating their children at home, particularly those who are doing so following Christian principles and in accordance with our Shepherd of the Hills Articles of faith.

As an academically focused group, we assist parents in meeting as many state requirements for homeschooling as possible, however understanding and fulfilling these requirements ultimately falls to the parent(s).

We are a volunteer-run ministry of Shepherd of the Hills Calvary Chapel striving to enhance the home education experience of families while representing the homeschooling community in a manner that honors Jesus ChristAs a volunteer-run ministry, we need every family within our membership to be actively throughout our sessions.

Families are encouraged to discuss ideas with Shepherd of the Hills Christian Homeschool Co-op leadership. Leaders will strive to remain open to suggestions, within reason, and supportive of the efforts of its members.

Schedule of Events

Annual Schedule:
The co-op will meet for two, 16-week sessions: one in the fall and one in the spring. Precise begin and end dates will be provided as these may change according to the needs of the co-op. Meetings will take place from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on Wednesdays. The co-op participates in a Christmas Program in December and End of Year program in May with the Shepherd of the Hills Christian School.

Learning Experience:
In addition to regular session classes, shared learning experiences serve to enhance the home education efforts of our members. These experiences are based on parent/student/course/family interests and can include: field trips, cultural events, special events, community outreach efforts and organized recreational activities. We offer class for ages 6 and up through middle school. (Must be age 6 by Sept 1st in accordance with the PA homeschool law)
24 P.S. 13-1326. E.

Daily Schedule (subject to change):

9:00-10:00 AM


10:00-11:00 AM

Snack & Gym

11:00-12:00 PM


Safety Procedures

Please note we are NOT a drop off program. A parent or guardian will be required to stay for the day unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

The doors at the end of the hall and at the top of the stairs will be locked during Co-op hours for safety.

Parent and Student Expectations

Our day starts at 9am and ask that if you are scheduled to teach/assist or nursery please arrive by 8:30am to set-up prior to the students arrival.

Since God has commanded us to respect our parents, parent-teachers and leaders, students are expected to show consideration by listening and closely following any instruction or direction given by leadership, parent-teachers and assistants.

Since God has commanded us to love one another as He loves us, students are expected to treat all members of the co-op with kindness and respect, encouraging one another to do good deeds. We know we all have different rules and standards within our families and aim to work together cohesively during our sessions. If parents feel their student is not being treated kindly, we encourage you to first reach out directly to the other parent. If resolution is not made or if you feel this will affect the nature of the co-op’s purpose, please address it with a leader.

Since God has assigned us to be good stewards of all the blessings He provides, students are expected to show care and concern for their own and other’s belongings, all materials for use in the class, and the furniture and surroundings of the church in which we are guests.

If a student becomes disruptive to the class so as to hinder the parent-teacher’s ability to conduct the day’s activity, the parent-teacher may contact the parent to resolve the situation, up to, and including, asking the student be removed from the days’ activities. Continuous disruption may result in being removed from future meetings and/or events.

Absence and Illnesses:

Please remember your participation is vital to SOTH Christian Homeschool Co-op. We do realize absences happen, so please advise the co-op leadership team of any planned absences for Wednesday class or other scheduled events.

In the event of a sudden absence because of an emergency or illness on a Wednesday morning, please contact the co-op leadership team asap.

We appreciate the dedication of all our parents; however, if you or your child is sick with fever or other contagious symptoms, please remain at home.

We use the following to communicate within our group: SOTH Church Mobile App, and Facebook. Please check the private Facebook group regularly for communication throughout the session. The private Facebook group is for current members only. This will allow our members to freely share information and pictures with each other.

In the event of inclement weather, we will send out an announcement to parents regarding cancelations or delays for the Co-Op. The church has the right to cancel co-op based on weather concerns as well as church usage changes. Make-up days are subject to availability.

Snack Time:
Snack and bathroom breaks are planned for all ages within the second hour class. Food and beverages are to be provided by the parent.

Children With Allergies:

For the safety of your child, parents/guardians are required to provide a signed copy of the "Authorization for Emergency Care for Children with Severe Allergies" form, detailing any allergies, food or otherwise, from which their child suffers, at the time of enrollment or when the allergy is diagnosed. This form must be completely filled out by the child's parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and be updated as needed.  

Parents/guardians must also complete a "Release and Waiver of liability for Administering Emergency Treatment to Children with Severe Allergies" form. This form releases SOTH Christian Homeschool Co-op from liability for administering treatment to children with severe allergies and taking other necessary actions set forth in the "Authorization for Emergency Care for Children with Severe Allergies" form, provided SOTH exercises reasonable care in taking such actions. Any medication required to treat an allergic reaction must be provided in accordance with the Medication Policy detailed herein.

Parent Roles


Since we are a volunteer run group we have an “All Hands on Deck” mentality. Which means we need everyone involved to be helping in some way. Some of the roles of the co-op are as follows:

Leadership Team
Consists of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Their job is to help organize the group, maintain communication, monitor finances and deal with last minute changes as they arise

Classroom Coordinator
Each class will have a lead parent. This parent will be in charge of ensuring that their schedule is in place at the beginning of the semester and notifying the leadership team of schedule changes. This includes but is not limited to organizing lesson plans and/or seeing that unusual supplies are obtained in a timely manner. Supplies vary based on book level and lesson for the day.  

Teaching Parent
Is lead teacher of the day. They are in charge of getting the lesson ready for the day and/or sharing the lesson with the assistant mom. Duties also include wiping down tables and emptying trashcans at the end of the day.

Assistant Parent
To assistant the lead mom of the day, whether it be splitting the teaching day or assisting the whole day. Assistant Parent should also be ready to step up into the Teaching Parent’s spot should they not be able to teach that day. Duties also include wiping down tables and emptying trashcans at the end of the day.

Gym Parent(s)
In charge of assisting our gym teacher every other week. Duties also include making sure all gym equipment gets put back in its appropriate spots after gym class

All parents rotate through nursery throughout the year. Duties include watching younger siblings during co-op hours. Helping with their snacks and feeding, notifying parent of soiled diapers/changing soiled diapers. Reading books, singing silly songs and sitting crisscross applesauce is not required but can be very helpful.

Event Coordinator
Coordinates events for the co-op such as field trips etc. and may be combined with other co-ops in the area.


As a co-op we will create committees based off of needs of the group and ideas of the moms. At current we have 2 committees as follows:

This group organizes monthly celebrations of birthdays within the group, and sees to the writing and delivery of birthday/Thank You/Sympathy/etc. cards.

This group is in charge of organizing/implementing/assisting with our seasonal celebrations such as Hallelujah Harvest, Friendsgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter/Seder and our beginning and end of year family picnics.

Background Checks:
Pennsylvania requires every volunteer working which children to complete the state required volunteer checks. It is the responsibility of each member to provide evidence of the appropriate clearances along with their annual application.


Each child is expected to provide their own: Textbook, Backpack, Pencil, Water bottle, Snack and dependent on book a sketchbook or journal. Please label supplies that belong to the student.

Each child will be provided with basic school supplies based on donations and fundraisers. i.e. glue sticks, tissue, construction paper etc.

Membership Information & Forms

If you’re interested in learning more about joining SOTH homeschool Co-op please fill out this Co-Op Interest Survey and someone will be in contact with you.

Families wishing to participate in the Shepherd of the Hills Christian Homeschool Co-Op must read and agree to the Articles of Faith of Shepherd of the Hills Church, found here

Please download and complete the following forms and submit to Shepherd of the Hills Church.

Co-Op Agreement & Registration Form

Severe Allergy Information Form

Release and Waiver of Liability for Administering Emergency Treatment

All adults involved with co-op activities will be required to submit proper background clearances using the link provided in the section below, provided and paid for by the church. We do not currently accept past clearances.

Background Screening Process

Per Federal and State laws, background checks are required for all volunteers who work with children and youth. This process is free of charge to volunteers. To start the background check process, simply click the following link to submit your information:

If you are unsure if your clearances are active, please contact the church office.

*Shepherd of the Hills Church uses the third-party company Protect My Ministry for all screenings. Your information for background checks is secured using industry standard encryption. Shepherd of the Hills will not process any background check without your consent. You will be prompted to provide consent when submitting your information at the link above.

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